Gilbert Lee

I have worked in tech for 20 years, from UI design to UX research to product management to operations to business strategy. I enjoy leading people through big challenges.


Gilbert Lee is the Head of Content at Pluralsight Inc. (Nasdaq: PS), a technology skills platform. He joined Pluralsight in 2014 as VP of User Experience, and in 2016 was promoted to Head of Product to lead the company's product strategy, customer research and product development where he oversaw the product management and design teams for Pluralsight's learner, leader and author experiences. He now leads the Content organization, which includes the content acquisition and production of thousands of courses and our network of 2,000+ expert authors. Gilbert was instrumental in integrating several product acquisitions, including Code School, Smarterer, HackHands and Digital Tutors. His leadership contributed to the company's successful IPO in May 2018.

Throughout his 20-year technology career, Gilbert has held product and design leadership roles across a variety of industries and organizations, including Domo, O.C. Tanner, Northrup Grumman,, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is passionate about human-centered design, and enjoys sharing his knowledge on the subject with companies seeking to design better products and experiences.

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Presenting at Pluralsight Live

Welcoming one of our speakers at Pluralsight Live, August 2018.

Working with the teams at Pluralsight

I love working with these hardworking teams here at Pluralsight, May 2017.

Nate and Gil

Photo with my best friend Nate Walkingshaw, St. George Utah, September 2015.

Pluralsight IPO

On the Nasdaq floor for the Pluralsight IPO, New York City, May 2018.

Meeting Malala at Pluralsight Live

It was an honor to meet Malala with my daughter at Pluralsight Live, August 2018.

Early on at Pluralsight

Early on at Pluralsight and solving the world's problems. Left to right: Aaron Skonnard, Nate Walkingshaw, Kenji Bankhead, and Bryan Bishop, April 2015.

My family

Mi familia, November 2018.

Gilbert Lee

Happy and grateful, December 2019.