Gilbert Lee


Kob, I miss you man.
On our way home, Carol noticed a homeless person not far away from the restaurant we just came from. It was freezing outside, something like 18 degrees Fahrenheit.
Managerial vs. operational apps
There is a subtle difference between management productivity vs operational productivity, as Steve Jobs explains in this video.
Getting back in tune
The lonely sheepherder needed only one note, just a little help to get back in tune.
How do you know you're building the right thing?
Product teams need to create "product tests" that can help build the right thing and avoid false positives.
The benefits of articulating a problem
I learned a valuable lesson going to the math lab: the act of articulating a problem helps me get unstuck.
The future of (driverless) cars
What happens if you combine driverless cars, mobile technology, and a subscription service?