Gilbert Lee

Getting back in tune


A long time ago, a lonely sheepherder in the remote mountains of Wyoming wrote a letter to Arturo Toscanini, the late, famous conductor of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.

"Mr. Conductor: I have only two possessions-a radio and an old violin. The batteries in my radio are getting low and will soon die. My violin is so out of tune I can't use it. Please help me. Next Sunday when you begin your concert, sound a loud 'A' so I can tune my 'A' string; then I can tune the other strings. When my radio batteries are dead, I'll have my violin."

In his next nationwide radio concert from Carnegie Hall, Mr. Toscanini announced: "For a dear friend and listener back in the mountains of Wyoming the orchestra will now sound an 'A.'" The musicians all joined together in a perfect "A."

The lonely sheepherder needed only one note, just a little help to get back in tune.

Like the sheepherder, we all need to recognize when something is out of tune. Have the courage to ask for help and we may find someone who cares enough to assist us with that one tune.

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