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I love reading biographies. I've read a few books but I mostly read informal ones (interviews, profiles, Wikipedia, podcasts). I'm interested in stories of people's childhood, family, hometown, accomplishments and failures, decisions they've made, vision of the future, life-changing events, etc. Learning about people inspires me.

So, what if there was a page for each biography with the latest links to their interviews, videos, podcasts or books? It would be community-driven so links to interviews, videos, or books are up to date. People can also create biography pages and track the changes. “Why not just use Wikipedia?” Books, interviews, and podcasts contain stories that usually dive deeper than what you can find in Wikipedia. The references and links are also not well organized.

Here are three screens that show pages for Mark Zuckerberg, Jenna Lyons, and Louise Campbell. All are designed for small screens.

Biographies site

And here's a full page example of Mark Zuckerberg's bio.

Biographies site

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