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J.Crew Homepage

This project is Day #6 of 10 Designs in 10 Days. Check out all 10 projects.

As I mentioned a few days ago (Day 2), I have a simple wardrobe. And in that wardrobe, majority of them come from two brands: Nike and J.Crew. I love their design, quality and price. And their curation of products matches my style, which makes shopping a lot easier. My tastes may change in the future but right now my choices from those two brands are great.

Today's exercise is a redesign of J.Crew's homepage. I've noticed that most retail homepages use carousels to showcase different collections or items on their website. I wanted to approach the homepage as a long, scrolling page using their current content as much as I can. I also wanted to help the user dive deep into the collections by showing subcategories and features in each panel. I'm imagining subtle motion (fading in of images and text) to invite the visitor to interact with the content.

A disclaimer: Logo, images, and trademarks are owned by J.Crew. This is a design exercise for my own learning.

J.Crew homepage

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