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“All it takes are a few simple outfits. And there's one secret – The Simpler, The Better.” — Cary Grant

I have a simple wardrobe, something that I worked on several years ago. It was an exercise of purging that made my life thankfully simpler. Because I only wanted to keep the minimum amount of clothes, I had to research and learn the finer ways to do this. I came across a book called The Handbook of Style from Esquire, which has been an inspiration to my purging and this idea.

The project below is a single-page site that lists the most essential wardrobe for a man. It's designed so each item could work with other items in the wardrobe. Each item would link to the proper online store, which I have chosen for quality and price. I have listed tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, athletics, and transportation. However, because of time, I was not able to show everything I wanted but for now it's a start.

Man site
Man site

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