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Several years ago, my dad was going to emergency rooms and hospitals a lot. My brother and I took turns taking him to different places. You might think I'm exaggerating this but every single time we made a visit, I would fill out medical forms (same questions every time) and then have to re-tell what I wrote to two or three or sometimes four people. Every. Single. Time. It was stressful and exhausting. You can see I've been stewing on this idea ever since that happened.

So, how can you share your up-to-date medical history with the right people? There are a few things that are needed in order for this to work well. First, the patient has to be in control of the medical data, not the medical institution or the government, because privacy is key. Second, the patient has to be in control of the access, meaning they can allow or revoke access to their medical data. This also means they can give access to family members, partners, doctors, and specialists. If I switch doctors, I can revoke access from the first doctor. It's like OAuth for my medical data. Third, the patient has to see the history of the access. They have to see who, when and where someone accessed the medical data. And lastly, it has to be mobile. No explanation needed.

(Side note: According to the CDC, there have been 265.6 MILLION hospital and emergency room visits in the U.S. in the last year. Source)

The technical challenge here is how and where this data is hosted. I'm not sure yet how to accomplish this. I'm not a security professional so this is hard for me to answer.

The design is also a challenge because it has to look and feel legitimate and secure. What I've designed uses the most trusted color scheme in the medical field: red and white. Below you can see the splash screen and the login screen.

Medico login

The page below is your medical profile, which shows medications and surgeries with dates of prescription or surgery, and by whom.

Medico login

The flow below shows the list of people who have access to your profile and access history by each person. You can also revoke access if you would like from this flow.

Medico login

This last set of screen shows a notification when someone requests to access your file and gives you the choice to either allow or deny access.

Medico login

The two other screens I didn't have time to design for are the History page, which shows your medical history (all the questions you answer on those medical forms), and the Info page, which shows your address, phone number, etc. that you have to provide in every visit.

Medical Clipboard designed by richard pasqua from The Noun Project

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